MHA Issues Unlock 4 Guidelines; Educational Institutions mandated to remain physically closed till 30th September

The Ministry of Home Affairs recently issued the Unlock 4 Guidelines, making it mandatory for all educational institutions as well as coaching centers to remain shut till 30th September. 

Only in those areas outside of containment zones students can choose to voluntarily visit the school premises. As the schools and colleges remain physically closed, classes through distance learning and online teaching will resume as before. 

As per the directive, schools and colleges are only allowed to have 50% of the faculty members present physically at a time. This will be in effect from 21st September 2020. 

As for the areas outside of containment zones, students of senior and senior secondary classes can visit the school if they wish to. It is to be noted that students cannot be made to physically attend school against their wish and without the consent of their parents. 

MHA has also been consulted by the Department of Higher Education for permitting research scholars pursuing Ph.D to attend their respective institutions. This is due to the reason that these scholars would require the use of labs and other academic resources that are only available at the institution. 

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