Distance MCA

Distance MCA

Master of Computer Application is post graduate master’s degree offered to the candidates who wish to pursue their master’s degree in the various fields of Information Technology. The course has glimpse of both Computer and Business application included in the 3 years of the study. This 3 years comprises of 6 semester and all the relevant topics are include in it.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate who are interested in pursuing the Master’s degree must have a 3 year graduation from a well renowned institution. The eligibility criteria may vary with colleges and the students must be aware of the criteria before they apply.

Advantages of MCA through Distance Learning

  • If the candidate pursue their Master’s degree then they have chance to excel in the Computer Analytics skills, Developing Skills, Software Testing Skills.
  • They also have a chance to gain experience in the Business Fields because of they have the Business courses present in their degree program.
  • They get a chance to excel their communication skills as they have a scope to learn through this degree.
  • The candidates will excel and specialize in computer science with technical, communication and professional skills.

Job Prospects

The candidate have a various job prospects after they pursue Master’s in Computer Application. The prospects might be from fields like Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Java Developer, Information Security Analyst, IT Consultant, Web Developer, IT Manager, Security Agencies, Security Expert, Interface Manager etc.

They can also work in abroad in the fields mentioned above and be an expert in their individual fields. Through Distance Learning they have a chance to pursue their Master’s Degree while they are working. They also have a chance to slide to management side if they want to pursue their future in management