Distance MA

Distance MA

Master of Arts which is commonly referred as MA is a post graduate Master’s degree offered to the candidates who wish to pursue their Master’s degree in the field of English, communication, History, or any other humanities, arts, social sciences, theology, nursing, museum. The course is generally for 2 years but may vary according to the Universities and the place where you study through Distance Learning

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the candidates who wish to pursue their Master’s degree through Distance Learning program in the field of arts must have a valid under graduate degree from a well renowned institution. The criteria may vary with the geography and also with the college or University.

Job Prospects

The main reason people gets enticed to pursue Master of Arts degree through Distance Learning is that the unemployment rate is very low when compared to other degree. The salary which an individual gets through his job would be reasonable and is not that low.

The job prospect depends on the type of field selected in the Master’s degree and each field has its own significance. The job can work in Public Relations; Technical Writer if he choose Master of Arts in English Literature and can have many opportunities based on the area the candidate chooses. There is also a major scope for the candidates to work abroad based on the capability of the candidate.