Distance M.Com

Distance M.Com

Master of Commerce is commonly referred as M.com is a post graduate Master’s degree offered to the students who wish to pursue their master’s degree in the field of Commerce, accounting, management and economics related subjects. The course is generally a 2 years course with 2 semesters each year.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates who wish to pursue master’s degree M.com through Distance Learning must have a graduate degree from any field from a well renowned institution. The criteria may vary with colleges and they must be aware of Eligibility criteria before applying.

  • The candidates get an opportunity to indulge with the leaders and gain some experience.
  • They can gain expertise in the operational areas of Business Activities.
  • They get to have a regular Teleconferencing
  • They can excel in the communication and operational behavior through this degree which will help them in the future.

People often have confusion on what to opt after the under graduate program as there are various sectors after UG. The various sectors include CA, Master’s and job. The master’s degree is suitable for the candidates who are really interested in pursuing higher studies.

Job Prospects

The candidates who have finished their Master’s Degree in commerce have a lot of job prospects such as public sector. Public Sector jobs include working in State Bank of India, Union Bank of India etc as probationary officer or Customer Relationship Executive. They also have chance working in BSNL, NSIC etc.

Private sector jobs include working as an Assistant Manager, Junior Accountant, Company Law Assistant, Sale Officer etc in the companies such as FMCG, Hindustan Unilever LTD etc. The other job includes Internal Auditor, Budget Analyst, Securities Analyst, Cashier, Mutual Fund Broker, Book Keeper etc.